Aldila Rogue MAX - Swing Weight After Cutting

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By kyle c

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  1. I have a 917 D2, 45” length blue board (stiff) with a 12g weight.

    If I buy the Aldila Rogue MAX 65 stiff and have it cut 1/2” (down to 44.5”), what head weight would I have to buy to keep it within the standard D1-D3 range? 14g? 16g?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Kyle, In general, every 1/2" will result in a swingweight change of 2-3 swingweights depending on the balance of weight along the shaft. The Rogue MAX swingweights out heavier than the LTD Blue so it would be about a D1 with your 12 gram weight. You can add a slightly lighter grip (about 45gr) and it should be just about the same as your LTD Blue swingweight.

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