My Fitting Experience - Part 2

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By Ed S

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  1. About 1 year ago exactly I was fitted at my course for woods, a hybrid, and AP2 irons. At that time I held off on doing wedges, mostly to stay within my budget. The wedges were also the only thing keeping me from having a complete bag of Titleist clubs.

    I had the same great fitter/product specialist, Brent Duncan, come back to my course. He remembered my name and everything he fitted me for last year. We had a brief discussion about shafts, bounce options, spin, and my performance expectations. I hit a variety of shots trying all different options. In the end, we landed on 3 wedges that best suited my game. In all it only took 30 minutes to get me completely dialed in. And they felt so much nicer than my current miz's.

    While I don't remember the bounce offhand, I ended up with a 50 degree F grind, 54 degree S grind, and a 58 degree D grind - all in tour chrome. I went with KBS Tour Shafts, +.5", 2 degrees upright, and tour velvet cord grips. I cannot wait for them to arrive.

    For anyone contemplating a club fitting, or in this case a Vokey Wedge fitting, I highly recommend it. And if you are in the New Jersey area, try to find a Titleist Thursday or other venue with Brent. He is a great guy and represents the brand well.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Ed. Good luck! Let us know how the new Vokeys end up working for you.

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