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By DSmith36

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  1. DSmith36
    Auburn, AL

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    Just finished getting fit at my club's Titleist Thursday event here in Alabama. Got fit for the 718 AP2 with KBS Tour shafts 4-PW. I can now finally say that I have gotten rid of the TM logo that once took up my entire set. Cant wait to get these new irons in and play with them. Big thanks to Mike Sykes from TItleist for working with me today!

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Great! Flash that Titleist gear with pride.
  3. DSmith36
    Auburn, AL

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    bought a new titles 4 STADRY bag today too to go with everything. Ive been representing the team titleist bag tag on my TM bag I used in tournaments. (I got put on a junior sponsorship when I played on junior tours and had everything TM). It made it much more affordable to play in as many tournaments as I did but I am glad I have a full setup of Titleist now.

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