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By DRegimbald

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  1. Hello to everyone..Recently got custom fitted for irons and eneded up with AP1 718 with KK Tini 85 graphite shafts..On the day of the fitting, I was hitting amazingly with this combo and ended up with a 2° up on angle..Now my question is...Now that I've received my irons, is it normal that I couldn't hit any shots well on my first day of golf? I mean I was hitting so good on the fitting and now I can't hit them at all..Thanks for any replies..

  2. Maybe go back with your clubs and just check if there's something off. It's not uncommon for golfers to have completely different swings from one day to the next. Better flag it now than weeks or months ahead.
  3. PrecisionMobileGolf

    Nashville, TN

    I usually recommend that my clients hit at least 500 range balls and play at least 72 holes of golf with their new clubs before we consider changing anything.

    If you need further help or have more questions, you can email me at

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