Vince Young at Bears Best in Suwanee GA

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By PJohnson

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  1. I can't find the most appropriate place to complement Vince and what he did for my game. A wonderful time club fitting, patience with understanding the heads, shafts, weights, and designs that go into finding the right fit for a golfer. No pressure to buy anything. Just gave the numbers and let me make the decision. What a pleasure dealing with him. I did purchase Titleist clubs - 5-50 TMB irons, 17 & 23 H2 hybrids, 16.5 fairway wood, and 54/14 Vokey wedge. Returned for a tune up on my fairway wood was just as pleasant. I would recommend Vince to anyone who wants to know if clubs can help their game.

  2. JEFF R

    JEFF R
    Canton, GA

    I had a fast (faster than he would have liked, my fault) driver fitting with Vince Young on a demo day at BridgeMill after I had already completed 18 holes. I had a foot injury and didn't have enough swings left in me for a full fitting, but I think Vince is a fantastic fitter, he solved a shaft problem for me, and I highly recommend him. I plan to go find him again- probably at Bear's Best- when the next driver comes out, this time I'll schedule more time. The best thing about Vince was his utter honesty about pluses and minuses of each club. It make me trust his integrity for the future.

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