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  1. A week ago Thursday I had the pleasure of attending a Titleist Thursday fitting. I met Derek and he seemed like a great guy right from the get-go. I was a tad early but he told me to grab some balls and warm up. And I have to say my performance was horrible even after I warmed up. I was there to see about the hybrids, and fairway driver, but my form was way off. I was beyond nervous, for whatever reason, My back was stiff, my neck in pain etc. I would hit one decent shot and several bad ones. But Derek kept smiling through the whole deal as we went along. And 45 mins later he was able to give me a summary of what I really need in my bag, so I can't thank him enough for that amazing information, and his grace and patience with me. As well, in the end, he asked me what ball I play and I told him Prov1, and he pulled out for me a mini sleeve of the AVX and ProV1x plus a bumper sticker. I thanked him profusely, as he really didn't need to. At that point I mentioned to him how great being a Titleist customer was, and that I was a TT member as well. I relayed to him that Mitch from Titleist Canada had earlier in the year done a little contest on the website and I was fortunate enough to win a dozen Prov1's and that they had the TT logo as well. I showed Derek and he said "lucky you, I even don't have those yet" I tried giving him a sleeve but he kindly declined and said he'll hit Mitch up for some, lol ( thats just a heads up Mitch :) But I mostly wanted to come on here and say Thank You to Titleist for everything you do, and the amazing people you hire to represent your company. For a newish golfer such as myself, it really is a breath of fresh air to interact with your company and the great customer service that you provide, along with your amazing products

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