T-MB 718 2 Iron

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By GCoombs

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  1. I play the AP2 718 irons with AMT Tour White shafts S300 and love them.

    I want to purchase the T-MB 718 2 iron, what shaft must i opt for?

    Current Driver png G400 png Tour 65 gram stiff shaft and love it with an average swing speed of 104mph.

  2. I just followed my iron set with the Project X 6.5 shaft and all loft and lie changes. I use 716CB and the 716 TMB 2 iron with a similar swing speed to you. When you strike the TMB 2 iron from the middle nothing feels better.
  3. Zangetsu


    I can’t help but argue my 718cb 2 iron feels better
  4. Rich T

    Rich T
    Shrewsbury, MA

    When I went to a Titleist Thursday event to get fit for my 3 and 4 iron T-MB, the fitter liked the idea of a little lighter shaft in the longer irons vs what was in my AP2's. I have KBS Tour S in my AP2's and we went with the ProjectX PXi 6.0 in my T-MB's. That being said, this was what he liked for ME and my launch characteristics. I am a low-mid ball flight player and can use the help getting long irons up. The Titleist Thursday events are a great way to validate these types of things if you have the opportunity to go.

    Good luck

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