Fitted for AP3s in Feb

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By Paul B

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  1. I was fitted and ordered AP3 and H1 Hybrid clubs in February. I received my clubs and they are great. The Titleist site shows I was fitted but does not recognize that I ordered the clubs and I am wondering if that is why I have not received a Titleist bag tag nor any communication from Titleist. I was fitted and ordered S7 wedges on 6/6/18 and the site also notes my fitting but does not recognize I ordered the clubs. I had Michelle Z fit me at Pease golf course in Portsmouth, NH for all clubs.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Paul, buying clubs doesn't get you a bag tag. I see you don't have your picture or profile here. Those things help. You have to do those yourself using the "my profile" tab below. Being active in posts and comments help. Still no guarantee. They are a perk, not an entitlement. Hope you love your clubs and enjoy becoming an active TT member.
  3. Dale, My profile says it is 100% complete so I am confused about that. I will have to upload a picture. Thanks!
  4. Where on the site can you track your fitting/orders?

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