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By Scott D

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  1. Scott D

    Scott D
    Rumford, RI

    Hey guys I’m planning on going to Manchester Lane to get fitted for the T-MB/AP3 irons and I was wondering if the $250 for the fitting goes towards the price for the clubs?

  2. Cath D.

    Cath D.
    Carlsbad, CA

    Hi Scott, The $250 for the Iron and hybrid fitting is the fitting fee. It does not go towards the purchase of clubs. If you are planning a trip to ML, we have several openings in August and September available.
  3. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    Scott, Going to ML is a great experience. Given that you a fairly new to the game, I might suggest that you find a Titleist Thursday to go to. They are fee and the fitter that is there is a Certified Titleist fitter. Pretty much everything that you could want to hit (except a few exotic, read expensive! shafts) will be there. It is a much more cost effective way for a new player to get properly fit.
  4. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    Scott, Cathi is correct it doesn't go towards the clubs. I did it a few years ago and IMO the best money you can ever spend getting fitted. Manchester Lane is an amazing facility, I didn't wanna leave to be honest and the staff is amazing and they really know their stuff.

    A few things and from what I learned; Go in with an open mind, best thing you can do and IF you have extra cash, do the short game. They have another fitting area for the Vokey wedges.. Had a blast back there!! And maybe the TS line :)

  5. I was lucky enough to go ML last summer with Golfwrx for a ball fitting and...….damn man it's Disneyland but for golfers. It was by far the 2 coolest days of my life.

    1) The range, the 100 yard long putting green, and 100 yard long (maybe 130 yards long) short game area is as pristine as could be. Just unreal!

    2) The crew their was so unbelievably cool and nice and did a great job kinda put everything at ease. I've never had a fitting of any kind prior, and was slightly nervous (no idea why though?) and Beth my ball fitter was great.

    3) We got to play 2 holes on the their mini course (2 holes on the property). Actually the first hole tee was the "Tiger Woods tee" because they need something for him because he was hitting off the property I guess. And when you see where that is its mind blowing know a human can do that.

    Finding out it's $250 for the fitting makes me want to do it. We passed through the "club room" and the amount of clubs and options is absolutely endless. Makes me want to drive all the way down there again to do it because if given the chance I'd do it in a heart beat, it was just the most fun ever.

    My avatar pic by my name here is the den caddy we all saw as we headed to the range. We all received these den caddys with our own names on them, and also that's just a small pic of their range.
  6. Scott D

    Scott D
    Rumford, RI

    Thanks guys! i'm not just going for the fitting, I'm also going for the experience and from what you guys have told me and from some research I can't wait! I wasnt able to get in untill Aug. 14 but i think it will be worth the wait and maybe the TS drivers will be out by then.

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