Tensei Pro White vs Diamana D+ White Hybrid Shafts

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By Gregory B

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  1. Hi -

    Can anyone compare the Tensei Pro White to the Diamana D+ White in terms of hybrid shafts. How do they compare in terms of flex, launch, spin, etc?

    Also, in terms of weight and flex if I move from the 90 to the 100 weight how much impact does that have on flex. I would generally play an X-flex but wondering if I move to a bit heavier shaft if I should consider the S-flex instead.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I too would love to hear how these 2 compare. Granted I'm playing the 90g D+ that came in the 915H and really love them but also wondering how the Tensei compares to the D+.

    Gregory B- Not sure if your on Golfwrx but there's a current thread on the "Tour Issue Tensei (Pro) White Hybrid Shafts", by a guy named Tollbros. If your an aggressive swinger and where maybe the stock Tensei shaft can't hold up to your swing speed/transition maybe this tour issue Tensei may fit you. Granted from the research I've read it really is only a very small percent of players who fall into this category.

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