718 AP1 Iron Grips

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By JBach

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  1. Can anyone tell me what size the standard grip is that comes on the 718 AP1 irons? I know it's Tour Velvet 360 white, but is the core 58 or 60? How many wraps are standard? And I'm assuming all grips are standard size out of the factory?

    Is it accurate that the difference between the 58 and 60 core on a 600 shaft is 1/64" assuming one tape wrap?


  2. RR


    I replied already but don't see it so I will try again. Titleist "standard" has always been 1/64th oversize accomplished by using 580 core grip (womans grip labeled that way now) on 600 core shaft. I do not know whether or not Golf Pride makes them a 580 core 360 grip, I have not found them except for small batches on ebay and Golf Pride does not show them on their website, only 600 core.
    You can use a 360 grip 600 core and add a wrap of .0015 tape (aka build up full size) to accomplish it.

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