AP 3 Swing Weight With TT AMT Red

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    I am looking to spec my new AP3's out to a d1 or d2 max sw. I need 1/2"over in shaft length with a 2degree up lie angle and a midsize grip. I am open to suggestions on the specific grip to use as long as it is a midsize. My question to all is can they be built to match these specs? Thanks.

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    Hi, We can build the AP3 RH irons at 1/2" long, 2° up, midsize Tour Velvet White grips, AMT Red shafts to D2 swingweight. Your pro would have to specify that swingweight on the order as they would have to use lighter heads.
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    Cathi, thanks so much for the quick response. Another quick question if you could. If we move back from a 1/2 to a 1/4

    an then to standard, what are the corresponding weights? Also should we specify the added shaft length as finished

    length ( plus 1/2 or 1/4 finished length) ? Would that way take into account the different butt end sizes of the different

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    We can build it to D2 at 1/4" over or at std with a mid size Tour Velvet White grip. We would not recommend trying to guess butt sizes of grips. All shafts are cut to length without a grip so we would recommend ordering the clubs as 1/4" or 1/2" over. Just make sure that the swingweight is specified when your pro calls in the order.
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    Thank you for the follow up. This ability to get key info is greatly appreciated.

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