Best Titleist Fitting in Atlanta?

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  1. JEFF R
    Canton, GA

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    I'm coming up on a landmark birthday and I think I'm going to get a new set of irons. (Currently playing AP2 714). I also want a TS-driver fitting.

    I met Vince Young at a demo day, is he the best around? I enjoyed working with him, but I was coming off a foot injury and couldn't give the fitting my best effort. I notice Bear's Best doesn't have an updated fitting calendar.

    If it matters, I'm in Canton but I'm willing to drive for the best local fitting I can get.

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    I’d go with club champion in sandy springs. Those guys are the best and you’ll have virtually every shaft/head combo available.
  3. JEFF R
    Canton, GA

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    I signed up for a Titleist Thursdays at Bear's Best with Vince Young. I've met him before and he's good. When I posted this, there were no dates posted for those fittings but now it looks like they are back up and running.

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