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By Robert M

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  1. A PGA Teaching Professional, with whom I am acquainted, has recently suggested that I might benefit from Shaft Pureing my AP3s and TS2. There appears to be two distinct schools of thought on this add-on. The first contends that, by performing this process, the efficiency of the shafts will increase, leading to modest distance increases and noticeably more narrower shot dispersion. The second position is that the result is not worth the time or extra cost and was an opinion shared by Titleist in a January 2013 posting. Almost six years on, I'm curious if Titleist's opinion has changed and, if it has changed, are the benefits realized by those with higher club head speeds (105mph) and not by those moving the club decidedly slower (88mph)? Thanks.

  2. Robert do you have graphite in the AP 3's? If not I am under the impression that it has no impact on a steel shaft.
  3. Graphite
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Titleist diesn’t pure their clubs. Likewise I don’t own the device to find the true balance point of my ball. For those that believe in purring their shafts, it elevates their confidence in their equipment. There is no harm in trying it. If you trust the advice of your pro then you should try it. My own opinion is my swing and lie and loft adjustments will impact me more.
  5. Where would somebody get this done?
  6. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Besides checking with your friend, an internet search for custom golf club builders may find one near you. For example:

    was a quick search. They tend to be the primary proponents of services like purring. Not endorsing, just suggesting.
  7. I'm glad you brought this up. I recently did some research on the subject. Sorry if this turns into a dissertation, but it is a rather comprehensive subject. The forerunner to pureing shafts was a simple mechanical technique of finding the "spine" of a golf shaft. This spine would then be aligned during installation which can increase the consistency of shaft deflection (droop and lag or forward deflection) across different swing speeds and tempos, thereby increasing consistency of strikes. The patented "SST Pure" technique uses a proprietary software and mechanical platform approach to the same basic theory. The players who can benefit from these types of shaft blueprinting, are players who have already been completely custom fit and are looking to tighten up just one more variable. The data to support its numerical impact on anything does not exist yet, to the best of my knowledge. The benefits of these concepts may have very well been overcome by recent advancements in the manufacturing process whereby shafts of today are relatively "pure" as compared to shafts of 10-15 years ago. Just my two cents. Keep it on the short grass!
  8. It's an upsell myth

    Save your money
  9. Do some research, over the last 5-8 years the radial quality of the top manufactures golf shafts have tightened into the 98-99.8% range. Meaning, any premium shaft in any direction will produce the same bend profile at all points along the shaft. Its my understanding the the concept of Pureing is an antiquated process for graphite and composite shafts.

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