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By Super Dave

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  1. Super Dave

    Super Dave
    River Landing Country Club

    I recently had all of my equipment flooded from a recent hurricane. On the surface the irons cleaned up but will the shafts and clubheads rust from within! What will happen to the driver 3 wood and hybrid? I know the bag is trash. Any ideas

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I cant imagine they would be any different than clubs played often in rainy conditions. Just to make sure, stick a tee in the grip end to make sure the air hole is clear. Keep them inside for a few days. Remove the heads from the shafts on the woods. They should be fine.
  3. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    Friend of mine went through Katrina few years back. He pulled all his grips on his irons used a rifle cleaning brush scrubbed them all real good then sprayed a couple shots of WD40 down the shafts. Let them stand heads up for a day or so to let excess oil drain out. Regripped them and played 3-4 years before trading them off on some new ones.

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