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By Jeff L

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  1. Was talking to the pro at my local Golf Galaxy and bemoaning my inability to hit full wedge shots with any accuracy. He asked if I bought my wedges off the shelf and I said yes.

    As someone who's 6'5", I've long been custom fit for all my clubs (spacers and extra wraps for days) but for some reason had never thought to get fitted for wedges.

    Anyone been fit for a proper wedge alignment (length, lie angle, etc.) have any stories similar to mine? I'm planning on getting fit in the next few weeks...

    PS - Why hadn't I thought of this before?!?! It seems so obvious now.

  2. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    My two cents is wedges, just like irons, need to have the lie angles matched to shaft length.

    10 years ago I found I had great difficulty with a full swing on a lob wedge but could hit the PW fine. Bending the lie angle 1/2* more upright fixed the issue. My PW was 35.5".

    My 42* club (9 iron replacement) has a 65* lie angle. The 50-08 (48* loft) is set at 65.5. The 56-08M is set at 65.75. The 64 is set at 66*. Places like Golf Mart/Roger Dunn have the digital lie angle machines.

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