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  1. Six months ago I was fitted for a new set of irons. I purchased the T-MB but delayed the purchase of the driver until the TS2 came out. The guy I used for fitting was Vince Young out of the North Georgia area. He is at Bears Best on Thursdays. Vince was so knowledgeable and the fitting was a great experience. It was time to be fitted for the TS2 about two weeks ago. Naturally, I tracked down a location where I could find Vince, this time at Achasta where he was working with the North Georgia University golf team. My experience this time the same as last. He was outstanding in his knowledge and patience. But he got it right. Vince ordered my new TS2 10.5 degree with the appropriate shaft and weight adjustments. I was still buying it through my club pro at Chestatee. My next trip to the clubhouse, I noticed that they had some drivers in the new club section. I took one out to the course. With it, I had a terrible hook and was losing distance like crazy. Three days later, my club came in. Problem solved. My point - paying $500 for a driver without getting fitted is crazy! If you want someone you trust, find Vince Young. You won't regret it.

  2. Chris R

    Chris R
    Madison, MS

    Great story and Great description on why to get fit. I do not understand why a serious golfer would NOT get fit. If you play once or twice a year then go ahead and buy a cheap set of clubs.

    But if you are at all serious about your game (hint - if you are reading this and on this site, then yes you are serious about your game) then get fit. Titleist give you so many ways to get fit it is just plain lazy not to get fit by a compotent fitter.

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