What is it different between n.s.pro 880 amc and n.s.pro modus 3

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By TKim

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  1. I went golf pro shop today .. I tried 718 ap2 and 718 ap3 .the head is not much different.. the shaft I like n.s.pro 880 amc stiff shaft light weight.. but when I get home look up eBay just shaft they don’t have much n.s.pro 880 amc they have n.s.pro modus 3 105 .can you tell what is different shaft . Is it n.s.pro 880 amc are more new version of shaft then n.s.pro modus 3?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    If you go to Clubs on the Titleist site and check the Custom brochure, the Modus-3 105 is a mid-launch/mid-spin shaft and the 880 AMC is a mid-high spin/high launch shaft on the iron shaft comparison graph. Not a close replacement. Compared to the Pro-850 shafts, the AMC shaft is heavier in the short shafts and lighter in the longer.

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