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By Raymond M

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  1. Finally got a driver fitting yesterday after contemplating over six months about fixing my tee shot. Big miss is right with some left hooks, which was driving me insane. Made some swing changes, but still had those two or three round killers. Team Titleist to the rescue...reading all the discussions about fittings and focusing on accuracy over distance gains. I had another brand’s low spin driver in the bag, but TT community support told me I wanted to move my allegiance. Loving my 718 AP2s and SM6s meant I had to do it right. Got lucky with a winter event in Arkansas yesterday with Bryan P. Laid back fitter letting the equipment do the talking. Went thru several shafts and different lofts. Found out I still hit down on the ball, but hard to mess with a swing producing a perfect square (zeros) at impact. Tough drive home considering making the purchase for a product with the same distance as current driver. Thought about trying another brand.....until I replayed the fitting in my mind for the hundredth time. “Your smash factor is 1.50” will watching shot after shot land on the center line....SOLD. Order placed. Fully confident the fix is in for the tee shot means I can move focus to working around the greens. Thanks to all those sharing their experience and especially those who are excited for others. Great community working on solutions and pushing enjoyment for all.

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