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By Peter S

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  1. Peter S

    Peter S
    Modesto, CA

    Hello, I placed a custom built order at Golf Galaxy for a TS3 driver and they said they can’t have the club built to be aligned to the D3 setting which is what I got fitted to. Is it possible or is Golf Galaxy being lazy and don’t want to have it built that way?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Presumably, GG places orders through the Dick's corporate office. They are a retailer focused on moving inventory on the floor. There may not be a place on their order form to add the hosel setting as custom orders are not their forte. In the good news department, a driver should come with a wrench so you can set it on delivery. All my orders through pro shops have been shipped at the setting from the fitting.
  3. Cath D.

    Cath D.
    Carlsbad, CA

    Hello Peter, If you are talking about swingweight, it depends on the shaft, flex, length, grip and grip wraps. If you were fit and the fitter requested D3, it should have been within our spec tolerance as the fitter should understand swingweights if he/she requested one. Let us know what specs - see above and we can tell you whether it is achievable. 

    If you are talking about the actual Surefit hosel setting, as long as the order was put in and the setting was specified, that is not a problem.

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