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  1. I ma currently using a 2013 diamana blue 63 gram Regular stiff shaft. Moving to the Ts2 head and would like your opinion on a new shaft replacement. My swing speed is medium/ slow. I tend to push the ball right out of the box.


  2. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    The majority of people on this site will suggest to go for a proper fitting, by a certified Titleist fitter. There will be a multitude of shaft to try and the fitter is the best person to give you advise. If you go to a Titleist Thursday session, there is no charge and the appt is usually 45 minutes. The locations and dates are listed at the top of the page under Fitting ( Titleist Thursdays).
    Good Luck
  3. Dave D

    Dave D
    Brooklyn, OH

    Do they charge you for the fitting
  4. gary h

    gary h
    Torrance, CA

    No charge, it's a good way to find the best shaft that fit your game
  5. Madhatter


    No charge or hard sell, no sell at all infact, just an accurate reccomendation of whats best for you. You will be emailed with all details afterwards, then its up to you what happens next re purchases.

  6. Bill W

    Bill W
    Metairie, LA

    Mitsubishi Diamana S+ shaft - R flex. I have these in my Titleist 915 hybrids. Love them!

    What is most like this for a fairway wood? I don't think this shaft is available anymore.

    Thanks, Bill W

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