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By Jmanderson11

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  1. Jmanderson11

    Lexington, SC

    If I get AP2 irons custom ordered at 2 degrees strong - will they be built with the same bounce and lie that is standard or will there be slightly less bounce and steeper lie angle with this adjustment? I know if I bent these off the rack the characteristics would change but was curious how Titleist customizes irons on the front end of ordered direct?

    Thank you

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Titleist has 2 versions of heads to accommodate lie from -2 degrees to +4 degree but not for loft adjustments Irons can be adjusted +/- 2 degrees, but the bounce will be +/- by the same number of degrees Increase loft by 2 degrees will increase bounce by 2 degrees
  3. Fred T

    Fred T
    Edmonton, AB Canada

    Hope you hit it pretty pure. Every degree stronger removes a degree of bounce. (drops the leading edge)

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