Replace a poorly fit shaft?

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By Patrick H

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  1. Patrick H

    Patrick H
    Countryside, IL

    I recently ordered a new TS3 based on a fitting I received at a PGA Tour Superstore. The shaft that I was fit to has not performed as hoped since I made the purchase. It launches too low and I'm having trouble loading it consistently, leading to some big misses each way.

    If I bought the club custom within the last few months, without an exotic shaft, will Titleist let me replace the shaft for one with a different profile? If the replacement is not an upcharge shaft, will there be an upcharge to replace?

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    No, Titleist will not swap shafts with you. If you want a new shaft with a different profile, you will need to order it through an authorized Titleist retailer. To offset your cost you can always sell the shaft that originally came with your driver.
  3. I would think you would need to talk with PGA Tour Superstore and let them know your displeasure. I would assume they would try to come to some type of solution.

  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Have you talked to the PGA store about your situation? They did the fitting and should have some interest in their customer satisfaction. More and more retailers are offering trial deals and closed end return policies. The store could lose you as a future customer and quite possibly many of your friends.
    The direct answer is Titleist does not have an open policy to rebuild clubs - just replacement if any component fails during the warranty period.

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