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By Don O

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  1. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I've got my fitting coming up in a little over a week. I'm a little concerned with the 2 shafts being offered. While I'm well within the target range of a potential user, I was fitted with the Tensei AV shaft to keep my spin under 3,000 RPMs and launch (good day) to 14 degrees The KK shaft was sub-optimal and it is listed as a lower spinning shaft than the 2 TS-1 shafts. If you were fit - What was your prior shaft/loft/launch/spin? What is your fitted shaft/loft/launch/spin? And the electronic pre- post-carry/total yardage? I do trust my fitter will maximize the benefit of the TS-1, but am curious if anyone went with a heavier, lower-spinning shaft.

  2. Robert C

    Robert C

    Don...I hear you and I was the same way.

    I came from a TS2 with the Tensei Blue 65 Stiff. I went full bore "old man" with the TS1 Fubuki 45g A shaft. The only thing I didn't change was the 10.5 loft as I was hitting the TS2 high enough and I didn't want to risk adding too much more spin.

    I really wanted to get the club as it was designed to play, and didn't want to mess with a heaver shaft, or stick with my Stiff shaft if the swing speed didn't justify it. I know there is more to it than just swing speed, such as transition and how well you load or don't load it.

    The results have been fantastic, I've posted it around here a few times and don't want to sound like a broken record, but Swing Speed is up anywhere from 5 to 8 mph, carry is up about 10 to 15 yards, and total distance up about 15 to 20.
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Don, you will have your existing club with you at the fitting so have him/her measure the data putting the TS1 on your shaft too. It might be that you get even better numbers. If so, switch out after you get your TS1 and sell/trade your old one with the newer shaft.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Thanks to both of you - timing is right. My fitting is Saturday, and my fitter knows my concern and that I tend to over-think everything. To note, being LH, I will be fit with the 10.5 head (no option) so the lighter shafts may work out well. The TS2 was such an improvement that I am a little bit of a skeptic that they can still get me more, but it's worth a shot for 10-20 yards.
  5. gary h

    gary h
    Torrance, CA

    I really liked the HZRDUS shaft on the TS2, took out side spins and the ball went straighter ;)
  6. Robert C

    Robert C

    I understand Don. I was shocked at how much more I got out of it.

    Anxious to hear your results.
  7. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Went through multiple iterations of shafts from the Fubuki to the Kk 50 g and my current Tensi blue from my TS-2: Then multiple hosel settings. Added 1mph head, smash factor of 1.52, 3mph ball speed and 5 yards. That was close, but the tipping point was I’ll be 70 next year and not moving to 68 sigh. So I have the Fubuki 45g R flex. Loft set to 11.25 (closes face o.5 degrees to take out a slight fade). Was getting too much spin with the Tensi 55g and set to 12 degrees loft
  8. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The order was placed Monday, July 29, and arrived 7 days later (5 business days) on Monday, August 5. Tuesday is a day at a range with a radar tracker (Top Flight?), so I'll be getting it ready for next weekend today. That is quickest turn-around time from order to delivery, yet. Want to get dialed in for The Straits in 3 weeks.

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