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By Chris L

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  1. Hello All,

    I’m new to Team Titleist. After being away from the game since 2008 due to competitive running (marathons) I’m back playing again since late 2018. Still using my 08’ AP2s (this was the original model I think) with a 913 D3 Driver. Not sure what it is about these irons and this Driver, but I still enjoy the way they look, feel and play. Now that I’ve got my swing and game back into shape I’ve decided to schedule at visit to the Titleist Performance Institute in California. I decided to go with both the Performance Evaluation and the Tee to Green fitting. I was able to schedule on September 19th & 20th. Before I stopped playing in 08’ I really wanted to visit this facility and now that I’m playing again I’m really looking forward to this trip. Can’t wait to experience everything they have to offer and I’m really looking forward to getting some new technology from Titleist in my bag. I plan to upgrade my entire bag from driver to wedges. I would really like to hear about anyone’s experience at the TPI and what you thought about the your fitting and evaluation.

    Happy to be a part of Team Titleist. In my opinion, no other manufacturer can compare to what Titleist offers. Second to none.

  2. Congrats Chris and welcome. I did the full bag fitting at TPI 3 years ago, and the experience is first class. While standard clubs (grip, lie, loft, length) generally work for me, the opportunity to get the right shaft, hitting outdoors on grass with a launch monitor, and the best fitter....they made subtle tweaks to club specs I wouldn’t have thought about. All of the fitter’s recommendations were right on.

    I’m not sure if it is still there, but upstairs at the main building there was a practice putting green with an array of Scotty Camerons to test, so arrive early or stay late!

    While I didn’t go through the performance evaluation, I’m curious to learn what technology is used. I’ve been through the TPI fitness evaluation locally, but i’m sure it is on a much more thorough level at Carlsbad. Please report back.

    I doubt there are better fitting professionals, unless they are in vans on the pro tour.
  3. Jon,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s spot on with a couple guys that I’ve since spoken with. It will finally be nice to take the guess work out of determining what specs are right for me throughout the entire bag.

    The 3D analysis that is conducted during the performance evaluation looks to provide some very good feedback about the swing. That coupled with the physical assessment should provide me with some helpful information in areas I need to improve along with becoming more flexible, mobile, etc.

    I’ll be sure to post an update once I’ve completed everything.

    Thanks again.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    When I play at Kohler sites (like the TT event next week) my wife gets a day at the spa. I'd compare a day at TPI to hitting the range at your local club to being like a day at a spa. You are treated with first class service throughout. Knowing that the fitters are all far better golfers than me, I'm a little uncomfortable that they insist on carrying my clubs from the car. On the range, there are no rules about divots "we know how to grow grass" and the array of shafts behind you is mind-boggling. The bunkers are almost too good - my local bunkers just aren't the same quality.

    I haven't used the TPI training facility but have a local TPI certified trainer. Needless to say, the training and video equipment will quickly help you see where changes can help you. Much better than viewing a quick recording on an I-phone!

    You will find no other evaluation for your game that will even meet, let alone exceed the experience at TPI.
  5. Don,

    Wow, hearing all of this definitely makes me even more excited to finally experience what TPI has to offer.

    Appreciate your comments.


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