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By Caden S

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  1. Hey guys, im wondering if you have to be a certain age to participiate in titleist thursays. im 15 and am on my varsity team an my old clubs are just that, old. There too small and i was thinking of getting some new clubs. I obviously wont go there if im too young, but is there an age limit?

    Thanks, caden

  2. Michael P

    Michael P
    Athens, AL

    Good for you, being proactive about proper fitting--my son is also 15 and playing high school golf. Although the staff guys will have to give you an answer about age limit, I can offer one suggestion. May want to consider "Am I still growing rapidly and will these clubs still fit me in a year or two?" I've seen big changes in my son's swing speed because he's getting stronger and working out. Best of luck!
  3. Went to the demo here in Oahu, facilitator informed me they were booked a month out and that I would have to make an appointment. so I called the clubhouse and said hey talked to the demo person and said that I needed to make an appt, and he says oh, you need to talk to them and I said I just did! This person made it sound like I had to talk to someone other than them! WTH. I think I will take my business elsewhere.

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