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By MVezina

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  1. I know ALL Titleist fitters are THE BEST. I just want to ensure that the fitter i pick and end up spending a good junk of money afterwards buying clubs does the best job possible. I live in NewMarket, NH, can anyone suggest someone or help me in picking the best one for me!

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    ...the Best of the Best will have more head and shaft options. Not all fitting carts are equal. If you are a serious player and absolutely want the Best possible fitting, you can schedule a time at the Titleist Manchester Lane facility near the Acushnet headquarters outside New Bedford, MA. It generally is booked out a few weeks and stops fittings soon with the season change. There may not be any Titleist Thursday's any longer this year. The Titleist reps bring in a wider variety that the typical fitting cart for those fitting schedules. You are near 2 Premier centers that will fit the public, one in Manchester and one in Danvers that carry more fitting equipment. You can use the "FITTING" tab on this website to locate the sites near you. They would likely continue outdoor fittings weather permitting. There are still good fitters as smaller sites. They can also be an excellent choice if you also use them for advice/lessons as they know your game best. If I didn't have a long relationship with the PGA at a Wisconsin premier site 50 miles away, I'd trust my game and equipment to the local head pro at the muni 6 minutes from my house.
  3. bryan p

    bryan p
    Bellingham, MA

    I have been personally fit by Spargo Golf in Cranston, RI. While that's a little bit of a ride for you he is top notch and consistently rated as a top 100 club fitter.

    I've also heard good things about Joe and Leigh's. Lastly, True Spec Golf is offering free full bag fittings at their Waltham, MA location if you go before Oct 31. I have one booked and you just need to e-mail them about it or call to have one set up.

    Good luck with the fitting!

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