Where to place heavy end on Sure Weight in TS3?

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By Brad R

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  1. Brad R

    Brad R
    Dallas, TX

    I have a Titleist TS3 and was wondering where to place the heavy end of the sure weight? My normal ball flight in a cut, but my miss on the clubface is towards the toe. I thought the fitter said if you have a tendency to miss on the toe to put the heavy end towards the toe for more mass behinf the ball. Is this correct?

  2. A few things to consider without being able to see you ball flight - first the weight is to optimize ball flight, by having the heavy weight towards the heel the club will rotate faster and be draw biased (fade bias on toe) if you continuously hit towards the toe you are likely killing a lot of spin - most toe strikes will produce a draw, unless your clubface is very open at impact or a severe out to in swing path producing your cut. I would check your spin rate - there is no ideal number for every golfer, but you want enough spin to keep the ball in the air, the toe hits can produce a nosedive hook that gets like 1700rpm's - most average speed guys probably want closer to 2500-2700rpm's - faster guys can get ideal numbers closer to 2200. If you get decent spin, good trajectory and a reliable cut that finds the fairway, I would leave it as it is.
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Brad, heavy end towards the toe should close the clubface and help a draw. Heavy end towards the toe should help fade. That said, why don't you take your wrench to the driving range, hit 10 each way and set it for what works best for you.

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