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By PMosher

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  1. Now with the T series out, can I still get fitted for 718 AP1’s or AP3’s?

  2. 718 line is done (no more custom options) you may find them discounted with stock specs at some pro shops/retailer's. If you do find them and need them altered Titleist may be able to do it or a trusted shop- extensions/cut downs, regrips, lie adjustments, re-shafts etc. sometimes ends up costing about as much as just getting the T series new and customized exactly how you want them.
  3. Great. Thank you for the response. That was super helpful. Going forward, I definitely want to fitted by an expert. I live in Massachusetts and Titleist Thursday’s don’t happen until March or April. I checked out Golf Digest top 100 fitter and saw a few in my area. Is there a drop off from going to somebody else as opposed to a Titleist rep? Just want it done right.
  4. Yep, the 718's are history except for some old stock...focus on the new T's...huge upgrade anyways...

    If you need to be fitted the carts only have the new products. I agree with Dave, go with the new despite any promotions...not a big price difference.

    Cheers, Chris

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