5wood or 7wood

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By Don O

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  1. I currently play an H1 20 degree hybrid, but I want to have a club that I can substitute in if greens are firm or elevated. Should get a 7 wood and decrease the loft or a 5 wood and increase loft. My miss is generally left with longer clubs. I am a 0 hdcp.

  2. Figure out what your angle of descent is with your H1, then test the 7wd and 5wd options and see which one increases that number the most while still keeping your distance the same as your H1.
  3. Without looking at the numbers you would just be guessing. Remember a 5 wood is going to have a longer shaft and create more swing speed = longer ball. And the opposite is true for a 7 wood. Get fit and see where the numbers line up the best for you.
  4. If you get a 7 wood and decrease the loft you will open the clubface slightly, if you get a 5 wood and increase the loft you will close the face slightly....depends on which bias you prefer...

    Cheers, Chris

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