Any tall guys out there playing Titleist irons?

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By Matt H

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  1. I'm 6'8". I currently have an older set of Pings that I'm looking to upgrade out of. The specs on those are 2" long, 4* up. I'm interested to see if there are any other tall guys out there that are currently playing Titleist irons and if there's any reason I shouldn't take a set for test drive.

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    What you need to do is go see a Titleist fitter. Am 6'3", have the new T300s, +1/2' and 2* flat. More than height is taken into fitting someone for clubs. That is why it is important to get a fitting. Worth the investment and they take the time to get the numbers right from Trackman. No need for a test drive if you get a set fitted for you. Only advice.
  3. Sean FN

    Sean FN
    Weymouth, MA

    Yes, definitely go for a fitting. My irons/wedges are +2-inches and 2º upright. In addition, +2-inches changes the shaft characteristics to some degree. I am almost 65 and with my swing speed and transition regular/senior shaft "should" be what I am using, but at +2-inches the fitter put me in stiff flex. Another consideration is swing weight. With a steel shaft the fitter told me the SW would be in the E6-E8 range, so he fit me for a lighter graphite shaft.
  4. I'm almost 6'3 and my irons are a 1/2" short + 2° flat. As others mentioned, a fitting will get you squared away.
  5. I'm 6'6" and swing the 712MB blades. Mine are standard lie and only 1/2 inch long. A fitting is the only way to go. It takes all the trial and error out of the mix.
  6. 6'6". AP1 and T200. 1 inch long and 2degrees up. My wedges are Vokey 1 inch long but from gap wedge to 60 degree, all the shafts are the same length. It is amazing that even a quarter inch less can feel so different. With the driver I would ideally like the shaft shorter for more control. There seems to be a maximum length before the club is waving in the wind. Another problem is that Footjoy have stopped making large size shoes. I have bought up all the pairs I could find before stocks ran dry
  7. Of course, the wrist to floor distance whilst wearing golf shoes is a major factor. Your overall height is less of a factor.
  8. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I talked to a fitter from png who worked for Edwin Watts, who was personal friend, when I was fitted for a set of Wilson Staff a number of years ago before I transitioned to Titleist. The WS fitter (at a demo day) fitted me at +1" and my friend stated that +1" was way too long for me and changed it it to +1/2" before he ordered my clubs and he was right. They worked perfectly. He said very few need +1" irons.

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