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By Bentron

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  1. What is more important on wood/hybrid shafts: The shaft type, or the shaft weight. Would a shaft with the correct launch and spin, but the weight is to light for the player be better than a correct weight shaft with incorrect launch and spin for the same player?

    I did a mini fitting with my golf coach and we landed on a shaft that features mid launch and low spin but he recommended we go heavier on the shaft model through out my woods, only problem is the shafts aren't made in the weights he specified. IE the question above was born. He is looking for other options right now but it still peaked my interest as to what the most optimal incorrect scenario would be.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I'd argue that the optimal combination would include the weight of the shaft. Changing the weight will impact your swing which will impact launch and dispersion. At the cost of new equipment, I'd want to know the feel of the club with the shaft to be ordered. If you look at the custom catalog, changing weights will often move the shaft into a different profile.
  3. Paul T

    Paul T
    alpharetta, GA

    Impossible question. I'm no expert, but I have guessed at equipment thru the years and have been fit a few times. My takeaway = every persons swing is a bit different. The same shaft for 2 people who swing 100mph will not necessarily yield the same results. We all load, unload the shaft differently...we come into the ball differently...have different tendencies...have different goals.

    A good fitting - which is really a small $$ based on what we can end up spending on trial and error equipment - takes much of the guesswork out.
  4. Launch and spin (personally) weight is more of a feel preference- slower smoother tempo's tend to favor heavier shafts, fast tempo guys like lighter - usually. Heavy shafts will already be designed to have lower spin (lower trajectory) Curious what shaft he choose - plenty of different weight options within the Titleist catalog at no upcharge - how heavy was he suggesting?
  5. W didn't do a super in depth fitting it was really me trying a new driver with a few shafts, I trust my swing coach to steer me right. He recommended Tensai Blue in the following weights
    Driver: 65g - Stiff
    3 Wood: 75g - Stiff
    Hybrid: 80g - stiff

    Now it turns out Mitsubishi does make The Tensai Ck Pro Blue in those above specifications, but the driver and 3 wood shaft are way out of my price range.
  6. You can get the AV Blue in heavier shafts than the stock 55 driver. I know they will go as high as 75 in the driver and fw woods - not sure if it is available in stiff, but definitely in extra stiff. The Diamana blue from the 917 series is available on the ts heads, the hazardus smoke black would be the next tier of heavy/low trajectory shafts. Check out the custom optiins on the titleist webpage, everything is listed weight/flex/kickpoint/upcharge or not.

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