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By matt W

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  1. Ok bought a set of T200's without a fitting during the shutdown, I've been fitted several times and always pretty standard on loft and lie. That being said, I love the distance and love the ball flight but I can't get these AMT Black's to release properly. It's lead to way to many pushy weak cuts with no zip or pulls. I'm coming out of AP2's with Dynamic Gold's s300, which I love and had to go back too and dispersion immediately tightened back up.

    My question is simple, either I'm selling these T200's or maybe try a different shaft. So you fitters out there that understand the profiles, what would you suggest?? I play a stiff in everything I've ever been fitted in. I'm a 6 handicap with a standard baby cut but can work it left if needed. Just looking for suggestions and may buy a few different shafts and try them out. I have a shaft puller so reshafting isn't an issue.

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    I'm not a fitter, but maybe the AMT Black shafts are to light for you. The DG S300's run anywhere from 15 to 35 grams heavier than the AMT Blacks. That is a significant weight difference and sometimes the heavier weight helps us with our release. Maybe you can find a store or fitter near you where you could try hitting a 200 with a heavier shaft. I would consider trying that route before buying new shafts.

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