Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 vs. X100

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By Tyler B

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  1. Hi Guys—

    Looking to swap out the shafts in my Vokeys from KBS tour customs to DG Tour Issue. KBS are ballooning on full shots with my 50, 54, and 58. Controlled shots with them feel good. I only take full swings with the 50, but do 3/4 and 1/2 shots with the 54 and 58. I don’t like that the feels are so different. I’d like something that doesn’t balloon on full shots, but also doesn’t feel like a log on touchy shots.

    Has anyone tried soft stepping S400 vs straight up X100?

    Not sure which way to go! Would love to hear the teams input!

  2. Before you switch shafts inspect your grooves first. Worn grooves will produce higher "balloon balls" if your wedges are fairly new the S400 is slightly heavier and preferred by many tour pro's. Many also split them so you could do x100 in the 50 and s400 in thr 54 and 58.

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