Does Titleist Use More Upright Lie Angles When Ordering Longer Shafts?

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By Charles F

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  1. Hi, I was fit for T300s by my club fitter in early April. I was fit for +1” AMT Red Shafts and midsize grips. Looking at the spec sheet I see nothing about lie angle. Does this mean I’m getting standard lie angle or does Titleist automatically adjust?

    Just curious because I’m 6’4” and assumed most tall golfers are about 3 degrees upright according to fitting charts I’ve seen. I also ordered some custom Vokeys in +1 AMT shafts but I didn’t change lie angle. Mostly curious since I think T300s and Vokeys can only be bent 2 degrees.

    I guess I’m wondering if I have enough margin if I need both clubs more upright?

  2. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    Having ordered 1" longer your effective lie is already 2 degrees up so you only need to adjust your lie angle 1 degree, however, Titleist irons are a little upright to begin so you may be good as is. If you didn't request a specific lie angle you would get the standard lie- Titleist doesn't know when you order a non-standard length whether you require an adjusted lie so they don't make any assumptions.
  3. How does that work? If you lengthen the shaft, it’s still on the same vector, so the lie angle hasn’t changed, right? The vector has become longer…how does an extra inch in length turn into an effective change of 2 degrees of lie? Whenever I’ve had my clubs checked for lie/loft, the machine measures it around 8 inches up the shaft from the head, so is there another calculation you make taking into account the length?
  4. Lie angle doesnt directly correlate to how tall you are. Factors to consider are: posture, hands high or hands low at addresd, club path, ball flight tendencies - or your most common miss. From a purely static measurement you may "fit" more upright, but static fittings are a guide not a rule. I would check with your fitter (they should have explained why they kept your lie angle standard) also keep in mind there is no industry "standard" but as a general rule Titleist is more upright than some other brands.
  5. I'm just over 6'4" and my irons (AP3) are +1. I wanted my setup to be neutral. With my club pro, we talked to Titleist directly over the phone and was told for each 1/2" +, you get 1 degree upright (+1 = 2 degrees upright). My irons were ordered 2 degrees flat.
    For 20 years, I've played Titleist irons and have always been told that 2 degrees is the max they will bend irons.
  6. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    While it is true Titleist will only bend their irons 2 degrees upright, they also produce heads 2 degrees upright which can be bent up to an additional 2 degrees upright for a total of 4 degrees upright.
  7. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    You are right about T300 heads, because they are cast. Blades are more flexible and Vokey's are a blade and can be bent more. This not something I personally would do. Any bending I have done on my irons, I take to a Titleist certified dealer and let them handle it. They are the professionals.

    I am 6'2" and height has nothing to do with the degrees. It has to do with arms length. My irons are 2* up and shafts are 1/2 over.

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