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By Brian H

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  1. Has anyone visited the Oceanside/Carlsbad mother ship of TPI? Considering a half day fitting.

    If yes, can you describe your experience? I’m considering a trip from Green Bay in January 2022.

    Also: Would new irons be available to be fitted?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Unreal conditions - the turf and bunker care are always excellent. Your fitter will treat you as if you were Adam Scott or Jordan Speith. They have all the tools to fit like no one else can. You also get a tour and if lucky you can watch them testing prototype balls. Or add a TPI physical exam to see if they can send you hone with exercises tailored to you.
    Some days in January may be hard to schedule. There may pro golfers getting a tuneup or equipment change for the Farmer’s Tournament.
    The new irons should be in place by September. Going to TPI after the traditional PGA Convention may have the “SM-9” wedges or whatever the successor to the SM8 will named.
  3. Don: Thanks for your input, much appreciated. I may plan a visit in OCT as our season concludes in WI. Hoping the new irons are available.

    I see you’re from Madison! I’ll be at Blackhawk CC for Sr US Amateur qualifying in August and SR WI Open in September.

    Again, thank you for your valuable input.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Blackhawk is almost my backyard. Surprised both events are at the same course. I limit myself to Senior Tour events, as I don’t have to break par to shot my age. Won’t be at your events. Will be close to your home commuting to The Straits to work the Ryder Cup.

    I mentioned the white glove treatment. I really should mentioned the quality of the staff in assessing one’s swing and making suggestions. Having the tools and the ideal outdoor location, they are focused on the best equipment options for you. They don’t offer preconceived notions of what you should have. It is born out in the results or what one does to override their recommendation. But no sense to go there if one knows what they want.

    As an older golfer, stores will steer me to the one LH senior set in the corner. I’ve never felt that kind of disrespect at TPI.

    They will likely have every shaft in the catalog available but if one wants a less common choice available, you can request that when setting the appointment. Same with a local fitter as Titleist reps can arrange shafts to be loaned for a fitting.
  5. I am going next year. I like my current TM driver but it’s a 2015 model so about time to upgrade. Good time to go Titleist with the driver and 3 wood. Will also try the new irons. Got the T200s last year but may as well try the new models.
  6. Diego D

    Diego D
    Miami, FL

    It is something I'd like to do in 2022 too.

    Looking forward to hearing more from other TT members who have had the opportunity to visit TPI Oceanside.
  7. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    TPI is a must! Turf, outdoors, Trackman and Pro V1/X's. The staff really makes you feel welcome and you might just run into a Tour pro or Bob Vokey!
  8. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    Did a driver and iron fitting and its easily best in the industry. Not only are the facilities top-notch but the fitters are $$$$ and really help you with your clubs/game.

    Its def worth it
  9. If you are getting fit for irons, are you only hitting the 7 iron like a typical fitting or do they have some other irons in the set? Would be great to hit wedge, 7 iron, 4 iron while trying different shafts, etc. I suspect you have to have your name on your bag to be able to do that.

    But curious if that is an option at TPI.
  10. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    The removable heads only come in 7 iron. They do have a lot more shaft options to test at TPI. They also have some full sets with stock shafts so you can get a feel for swinging different clubs within a set. Bags full of every loft and grind of Vokey wedges. Great people who will dial your swing in and believe me, they treat everyone like they have their name on their bag. Amazing experience.
  11. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Dale is right on!!!
    There is no other consumer golf experience in the world that comes close to TPI.
    Top quality people and product = tour quality experience for every consumer.
    If you get the chance it's a must do bucket list destination and experience....PURE!!!!

    Dr. K
  12. I'm officially booked to visit TPI on October 4th. Plan on a half day, full bag fitting. WIB: TSi3 Driver, TSi3 wood, TS 21, 25 hybrids, T200 irons/graphite shafts, SM8 wedges, 48/54/60.

    Will post photos and overall trip report early in October.

    Also hoping to play Torrey Pines as I'll have a couple of days in the SD/Oceanside area.

  13. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    Brian H said:

    I'm officially booked to visit TPI on October 4th. Plan on a half day, full bag fitting. WIB: TSi3 Driver, TSi3 wood, TS 21, 25 hybrids, T200 irons/graphite shafts, SM8 wedges, 48/54/60.

    Will post photos and overall trip report early in October.

    Also hoping to play Torrey Pines as I'll have a couple of days in the SD/Oceanside area.

    There is a bunch of us here and let us if you want to play. You def need to hit up Goat Hill as well as Torrey!
  14. Carlo Angelo

    Carlo Angelo
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Jaw dropping experience. I was just there yesterday, we got fitted for the need T series irons. Met Don and Todd. I already had the idea that the place was awesome and the facility still exceeded my expectations. My fitter Glen was very knowledgeable. He will work with you and make the best suggestion. Pretty sure all the other fitters are the same.
    I had a great time and look forward for my next visit. I'm sure you will have good experience.
  15. Thanks for the info. Do you place your order at TPI and have them ship the clubs, or do you take the specs with you and order them at your local shop?
  16. With my visit to TPI scheduled for October 4th, I'll probably place on site.
  17. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You have the choice to order online (recent feature from Titleist) or use your local dealer. I use a pro shop and as a favored customer get a little better discount than the online price. Plus piece of mind - any problems, I can drop in face to face. My nearest Premier fitter is an hour drive, so they drop ship them to my home directly from Titleist.

    TPI and Manchester Lane don’t transact orders directly.

    Now hoping my T300’s arrive on or before the official release date.
  18. I am traveling to San Diego for business in November and was able to schedule a fitting at TPI. I am really looking forward to it. Any suggestions to make sure I get the most out it would be very welcomed. Thanks
  19. The experience at TPI Oceanside is something any golfer serious about their equipment and game needs to do. I did a driver fitting in 2019 liked it so much that 45 days later I did the rest of my bag. The staff is best in class. All of them are great to work with, friendly and know what they are doing. The conditions are pristine. Not a blade of grass out of place.

    A few things I would suggest to get the best experience.

    1) Get there a little early and use their gym to stretch out. They have everything you need there.
    2) Be honest about your game to the fitter. What you like, don't like, ball flight, what you are looking to achieve. What do you want in a driver, fairway, iron or wedge... etc.
    3) Be honest about the club you are testing/fitting. Do you like how it gets through the grass, like the ball flight, like the down range distance. The more specific you can be the better.
    4) If you do a wedge fitting, do not look at the bottom of the club to see the loft. Try to just hit the shots that you are being asked to and let your feel guide you and be the feedback to the fitter. You'd be surprised what the lofts or set up becomes.
    5) Be interactive with your fitter. It's a team effort. Yes, there is trackman so you have all the data you want but when you leave TPI you want a set that you know you had a hand in building and will give you more confidence that you know you have the right set up for you.

    You can't go wrong at TPI, it's a great time. Worth doing over and over again.
  20. TRIP REPORT, TPI visit, Monday October 4.

    Bucket list visit completed. If you have an interest in visiting the TPI facility in Oceanside, this is an unabashed endorsement.

    Who I worked with: Joey S.
    Very knowledgeable, methodical approach to fine tune what works best using trackman data. I tested 100, 200 and 300 T series irons in my iron and hybrid fitting, (TSi) and then continued with a wedge fitting, (SM7).

    Joey guided rather than led as I'd hit shots prior to knowing which shaft, which head; we'd then review the objective data from trackman and discuss feel, ball flight. We used a process of elimination as we tried an array of set ups (some that probably weren't ideal) working to narrow in on the best performance data and feel.

    Conditions: Superb, believe I took the first divot on the teeing area as I was warming up on the "hole" that had a green with flags at 60 yards, 120 yards....320 yards. Chose to use Prov1X, my ball of choice although ProV1 was also available.

    How did this differ from a local fitting? My sense is that the TPI team is completely focused on you. There were no disruptions, no time constraints. The resources were unlimited, choice of shafts, heads etc. Weather also happened to be mid 70's, little wind.

    Outcome: I'm currently playing T200 irons and TS hybrids, handicap of 4, age 63. My challenge has been a descent angle that's too low; Joey identifed this challenge quickly and we agreed (reviewing the trackman data), that the new T300 irons provided a higher descent angle while adding 10 yards of carry (seven iron) versus my current irons. Moving from Tensei graphite shaft in my irons to the Nippon, light weight steel shafts.

    (Similar results with TSi hybrids as a lower COG worked best, we also added +2 g to head).

    Final results: I wasn't predisposed to choose the T100 or T200 irons; rather, we worked through the data and concluded that the T300 irons worked best for me. Looking forward to 2022 season!

  21. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Not that it mattered, but AVX is also a option.

    The new T300’s are amazing. I went with T400 when they came out (over 70 - need the help) as they were better than the prior T300. Went to TPI for a pre-release exhibition not expecting they could ever pry the T400’s from my fingers. Well, they didn’t have to pry the T400’s at the end. Better launch, steeper descent and even with 3 degrees less loft, no loss of distance comparing 7 iron to 7 iron. As it turns out, the T400 split sole isn’t as easy to use in deep rough. Big help with that as well.

    My case is different moving from T400, but the key takeaway is when you go to TPI, they will find the best fit for you, regardless of what you think you want going in. Glad you kept the open mind and love the result.
  22. Agree. Let the numbers determine the final choice.

    BTW: Two choices on placing an order, ( this has evolved over the last six months or so), on site at TPI or with local shop. I chose my local shop as Joey provided a thorough recap of our final choices.

    Loved my experience in SD from playing Crossings at Carlsbad the day prior, TPI visit and additional visits to Torrey and The Goat.
  23. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Glad you enjoyed The Crossings. I played it on a Saturday with 3 golfers and their significant others (spectators in carts) and I was the only 1 that broke 100. The 5.5 hours to play 17 ( to dark to play 18) didn’t make it enjoyable for me. We never lost sight of the group in front so I couldn’t play ahead. I don’t know if it was a Saturday afternoon or if all rounds are that long.
  24. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Don O said:

    Glad you enjoyed The Crossings. I played it on a Saturday with 3 golfers and their significant others (spectators in carts) and I was the only 1 that broke 100. The 5.5 hours to play 17 ( to dark to play 18) didn’t make it enjoyable for me. We never lost sight of the group in front so I couldn’t play ahead. I don’t know if it was a Saturday afternoon or if all rounds are that long.

    Don1 5.5 Hours to play the Crossings is a Blessing.
    Usually you can have good pace there with a 7am tee time.

    Dr. K
  25. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    Can't go wrong with the goat, as it doesn't look overwhelming on paper but it has prob the smallest greens in North County and you can't beat the vibe
  26. I’m visiting California from Sweden in nov/dec. TPI was fully booked but they would let me know if there were any cancellations. I would do the “tee to green” fitting. Hope a get a chance to go there :)

    The place looks amazing
  27. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    Sounds like you had a great experience. But with the Titleist guys that is to be expected. Good luck next summer with your clubs. How long did the fitting take place?
  28. Fitting Timing: I had dedicated enough time for a half day fitting. However, working with Joey we did the iron/hybrid fitting and then the wedge fitting. Arrived a little early for my 9:00 start time and completed the sessions in 2.5 hours.

    The sessions didn't feel rushed in any way. Sort of a methodical approach that I really liked.

    BTW: I received my irons in just over two weeks, really surprised by the timing as the expectaion was eight weeks or longer. Hybrids still pending.
  29. I have my fitting at TPI scheduled for next week and really looking forward to it. I had a question for those of you who have been fitted there before - did you tip your fitter?

  30. Tim N

    Tim N

    Would be interested to know if you did!

    How did you find the overall fitting, Perry? I am heading there in January. Can't wait!
  31. Tim

    To answer your first question, I ended up not leaving a tip based upon other information that I found online.

    Overall, the fitting was everything and more than I hoped for. My fitter was Joey and he did a great job. I would say that it seemed a little bit like a cross between a fitting and a lesson. While I have been fit before, it was always inside with simulators/launch monitors. Being able to to hit the shots outside and see the full flight of the ball plus see my numbers afterwards was great. Not only did I get specs for the new clubs I needed, I also received new specs for the shafts I should have in a couple of fairway woods plus all the exact Surefit settings I should be using (not a single one was the standard A1). We also ended up changing my grips from midsize MCC2 to Golf Pride Decade Multicompound White with one extra wrap of tape plus changed the ball I should be using from ProV1 to ProV1x.

    The entire fitting ended up lasting about 3 hours. After warming up, we worked down the bag from Driver to fairway woods to hybrids and then irons and finally wedges. In each area, we started by hitting my current clubs to see the shot shapes and numbers on the monitor. Then, Joey would make some changes (could be different head, different setting, different weight, different shaft, etc) to come up with what ended up feeling best to me and what gave the best results. I didnt really look at what he was handing me and just went with what he provided. It was amazed at the changes in the feel and results based upon the tweaks he would make. At different times, he would also offer slight suggestions on my swing to help make improvements which I liked.

    I decided to place my order while I was there. I was told that woods would take about 5 weeks and irons about 8 weeks. The fairway woods and hybrid have already been shipped.

    Overall, it is one of the best golf experiences that I have had and I would highly recommend it to anyone who gets the chance.

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