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By David D

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  1. I am playing t100s in a 5-pw currently with kbs c taper lite shafts. I love my new irons I’ve had them since June. I want to ad the new t200 utility 3-4 irons to my set. I’m a lefty and there are no places to test shafts for these anywhere near me. Based on the shaft charts it looks like the fujikura atmos red 75 hybrid fits the same launch and spin profiles as the c taper lite. I play a atmos patriot edition in my driver and have a tensi blue in my T-shirt hybrid and it’s ok but I was not fit for it so there may be a better option.

    Anyone with my same specs have any insight on what I should try in the t400 utilizes?

  2. Even if someone had the same specs, every individual will hit their clubs differently, so getting other peoples’ input is pretty useless unfortunately.
  3. You could just put the matching c-taper lites that you have in the irons into the utility builds - no rule that they have to be graphite and you are familiar with and already like the shaft.

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