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By Randy R

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  1. Randy R

    Randy R
    Panama City, FL

    So I made an appointment for a fitting at the nearest Club Champion facility two weeks ago. I filled out their questionnaire and specifically said I was left handed and interested in the 2021 Titleist irons. Arrived at the fitting only to discover they didn't have the left hand Titleist iron fitting heads. One long drive wasted. Called Club Champion a week later to reschedule for when they would have the heads in. They said the heads were already in the facility but would verify and call me back. Within 10 minutes they called back confirming the facility I was wanting did indeed have the left hand heads. Fortunately I had asked the fitter at the facility to let me know when the heads came in and he emailed me to say they would be on the coming Monday. Two hours after Club Champion had assured me the heads had arrived the fitter sent me a text telling me they had NOT arrived. Uh....

    If this fitter, a descent fellow, had not personally contacted me on his off time I would have had another long drive for no purpose. Not pleased with Club Champion's Main Office for sure. Now I'm looking for somewhere else to get fitted.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Unless the CC site has a turf fitting area, I prefer a qualified club pro at an outdoor site. Titleist lists fitting locations and what they offer. Almost all augment visual with electronic devices (Trackman, etc.).
    If/unless you are neutral on which brand to get fitted for, CC will be more expensive between fitting charges and cost to build on site as opposed to sending specs to Titleist. Especially for no up-charge shafts.
    If you are local to a Premier site, you can check ahead to be sure all (LH) fitting heads are available. As a LH at the TT Invitational at Pinehurst I had a chance to even try the CNCPT heads. Buttery smooth but fortunately for my wallet, I was able to get the same results with my T300 (2021) irons.
  3. Chris R

    Chris R
    Madison, MS

    This is very disappointing to hear. I was going to use CC to get fitted but after I hearing some reviews like this and others, I have decided to not use them.

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