Combo 100s or T200 with T300

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By Lucas D

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  1. Lucas D

    Lucas D
    edegem, 0


    As I am getting a bit older I am in the need of more comfort Coming from my jpx929 forged I am looking to Titleist now. But I don’t wanna loose the feel of GW to 9 or 8. What would be a nice combo with the long irons of the T300?

    Would I go for the 200 or 100S?

  2. Lucas. I'm in a similar boat to you. Was coming from 2016 Apex/Apex pro combo set and a combo set of MP 59s and 69s before that. Tried almost every player distance iron on the market and was hoping to fit into the new MPs or JPX line. I am not afraid of blade-like clubs as I hit pretty square, just needed a little more oomph as getting older and coming off my second hip replacement (52 years old), and have left shoulder issues that limit my back swing a bit. None of the clubs I hit gave me much of an improvement over my current set. I hit the T200 irons last (they weren't even on my radar), and they were awesome! I contemplated blending it with T100S irons from 9-GW, but looking down on the T200s and hitting them, I didn't see the need. They look and feel great.
  3. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    A bit older is a relative term.

    Not being a Mizzy guy, I did not know there was a 929 version of the JPX. Did you mean 919 or 921? If so, my perception of those fall somewhere in between a Players and a GI club. More like the T200 than the T300, I think.

    FWIW, when I got fit for T-series irons a couple years back, my Titleist fitter told me I hit both the T100 and T200 (the T100S was not yet announced then) consistently well. I could go either way, but he suggested, since I, too, was getting older, I should probably go T200. So that's what I did, somewhat reluctantly, having played and liked my AP2s (712s and 716s) over the years. Had the T100S been available---or even simply announced---I likely would have gone with a T100S/T200 combo set, knowing what I know now after playing the T200s for two years. That is my plan for 2022.

    The T200s are fairly forgiving overall, but IMO they are not quite as accurate in the short irons as the AP2s were FOR ME. The long irons, though, I hit very well and have no qualms about them. Coming from forged yourself, I think the T200s will likely end up feeling great for you, especially the newer forged versions. My 2 cents.
  4. Im highly considering T300 5 and 6 paired with 7-GW T100s

    Will look getting the T300 5 and 5 in same loft as T100S 5 and 6 to make gapping right
  5. pulplvr

    Spring, TX

    As many will tell you, the best way to determine that is through a fitting with a Titleist fitter. That said, one thing to be careful of is the gapping. Pay close attention to the lofts of whichever clubs you lean toward to ensure you don't leave too large a gap between any of the clubs.

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