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By Christopher S

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  1. HI

    I have ordered some T200's through a reseller and have been advised of delays with teh True Temper AMT Black shafts. Do we know what the expected delay is on these?

  2. The Dom

    The Dom
    San Diego, CA

    Good luck! I ordered a set of T100-S irons at the end of Aug and delivery date was pushed back several times. I was then told KBS C-Taper Lite shafts were back ordered and delivery is anticipated around 1 Feb. I finally broke down and purchased a set off the rack and had a set of shafts installed rather then wait until next year for delivery.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    This subject has come up so many times on the forum and there is really no good answer. A lot of members have been affected by with the logistics nightmare that the world is faced with. It seems that weeks have turned into months due to the ports being jammed with ships not being able to be unloaded and that other transportation issues getting products to their destinations. It is the world that we live in now and it is something that I personally expect we will be living with for a long time. I just ordered a new pair of shoes and my size will not be available until March 2022. Not working for Titleist I do not know that they can give you an exact date that the shafts will be in based on delays companies worldwide are experiencing. I am assuming that you purchased these thru a Titleist dealer. Your best bet is to check with them. When they placed they order thru Titleist they were given an order number and can follow up on the the clubs for you. I would give them about six weeks and ask them to check on the order for you. Best advice under today's circumstances.
  4. JW


    I understand that the way things are now, everything will be delayed. However, I am perplexed by the reply from Titleist.

    I ordered set of irons with 950 GH , wedges and T200 utility club in September 2021. An estimated delivery time was early/mid-December 2021. Also, I received an email from T. that T200 utility was in production in mid-October 2021; however, T. email indicates that it will be delayed.

    However, golf buddy who ordered similar spec of irons and wedges with KBS shaft through a big online retail store received his club. While some of my clubs are delayed.

    Ordering through a big retail store is better in terms of delivery time?
    I thought, it should be the other way. Was I wrong?
  5. Paul C

    Paul C
    Beech Mountain, NC

    I can't say with any certainty what your order holdup is related to. The first thing that comes to mind is availablity of the shaft you've chosen. I've ordered several custom club orders directly through Titleist as well as large online companies like PGA Superstore. The longer waits have usually been from the online retailer. I would suggest contacting Titleist customer service to see if they can confirm if it is a component such as the shaft that is holding up your oder.
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Big retail stores still have to go thru Titleist unless they are stock clubs that they have in their warehouses. I am assuming that your shafts were the same shafts as your golf buddy. It is all about when they were ordered and if they were the exact not similar clubs.
  7. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Ordering clubs has no better odds of a rapid delivery than playing roulette. If the KBS shaft is number 21 and the 950 GH is #22, and the ball lands on 21, then that order gets fulfilled.
    Shortages exist in not just heads but even more so with shafts and grips. Titleist only has some control with heads, virtually none with other commercial components.
    A couple of guys I play with ordered 425 irons from an Arizona company in June. When the date got pushed to November and even then not guaranteed, they canceled the order and are hoping for better delivery after the PGA Show. You have the same option but favoring box stores over you isn’t real, or personal. Luck of the draw.

  8. JW


    Updates on my order that placed in September.

    I received two packages last Saturday and today. One wedge last week and two irons, 4 & 5, today. They are all standard specification.

    I am still waiting for irons and wedge that need loft adjustment.

    However, I have never received any email regarding two packages, no updates, no tacking numbers. My order status still "being processed".

    FYI, I paid extra for expedited shipping but came with standard FedEx.

  9. i ordered a tsi1 driver at september team titleist event i have received that

    ordered t 300 irons at same time no word on those
  10. Ordered set of T-100s irons directly from Titleist August 3rd. Still waiting. No response when inquiring about the delay.
  11. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Whenever I have ordered something from Titleist or thru a Titleist account and I have the order number, they have been extremely responsive regarding the status. Has not always been the answer I was hoping for, but I got an answer. I called the (800) 333-4200 number and hit option 1 (balls), 2 (clubs) or 3 (gear) and talk to the first representative and give the the order number.
  12. Mike M

    Mike M
    Kalamazoo, MI

    The delay has been crazy! I ordered two custom Vokey SM8 wedges with AMT shafts from Dicks Sporting Goods in August and they still haven't shipped from Titleist yet. I've gone to Dick's customer service a few times now for updates and they haven't provided a Titleist order number so they're basically my middle man now. I bet it's more to do with the shafts/grips and their availability in the supply chain now.
  13. I got fitted by the Titleist rep and ordered a set of T200’s and he told me they would arrive in 4 weeks, and after 18 weeks I’m still waiting.

    I reached out to my fitter several times and still to this day, he has never replied to me. Very disappointing.

    Finally got the club pro at the course to follow up for me by contacting Titleist. They told him the 4iron head and some of the AM black shafts were back ordered until end of October. When October came and past, he followed up again and then said end of December. Guess we’ll see…

  14. It’s tough enough going through the fitting process, ordering and paying for the clubs up front and then having to wait the standard 6-8 weeks, but when they extend the wait period for whatever reason(s), it is frustrating. However, it becomes maddening when there is no communication coming from the manufacturer and the delays keep extending further than anticipated.

    These purchases are basically contracts. We paid for a product and a service and we expect that contract to be executed as agreed upon when we’ve signed it and paid for it.

    We are also educated enough to know there are worldwide shortages and delays, and we can likely anticipate anything we order from overseas is probably going to be delayed. That’s not going to change for a significant period. But, most manufacturers now know that there are shortages for specific components that are required for club making, and if they aren’t available at the time of the order, or if they know there are delays, they should simply tell us that at the point of sale.

    Let me know what’s happening, be honest and open about what the shortages or delays are and I’ll adjust my expectations, or my club order, accordingly, but don’t just hang me out there with no information after I’ve paid.

    We all want to exercise our options and the more informed we are, the clearer our choices are. The sooner we get that information, the better we feel. But, we don’t want to feel like we are victims and that’s what happens when the other end has our money and our expectations, and we have no information.

    Titleist has a great name, but it can be sullied rather quickly if they don’t keep us updated and leave us chasing down answers and leaving people to guess about the delays. Never a good policy, no matter what business you’re in.

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