What happened when I put a half inch longer shaft in my Titleist hybrid?

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By Harry L

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  1. Harry L

    Harry L

    I can get a ACCRA hybrid prime shaft which i like. high launch with low/mid spin. Until now i still play my 818h1 in 21* with a Tensai red shaft. The ACCRA shaft is half inch longer, so for a 19* hybrid. Do I have to change the weight and lie? But it’s only half inch longer.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Swing weight and lie changes will be minimal. The other option is to cut 1/2 inch off of the butt end. Most of us wouldn’t notice a small change, but that isn’t all of us. A shop that can check swing weight can compare both shafts in the head to let you know.
  3. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    The additional one half inch will add 3 swing weight points and 1 degree upright in playing lie, however, shaft weight differences will also change swing weight- 1 less swing point for each 9 grams in lighter shaft weight so there we some offset if the Accura shaft is lighter. I would worry about the greater playing lie unless it becomes an issue.
  4. Harry L

    Harry L

    Joseph M@ the Accra shaft weight is 66g so 6g more than my tensei hybrid shaft and 0.5 inch inch longer. I try the standard lie otherwise 1* upright. Standard weight in my 818h1 is 14g, should i change it to 12g?
  5. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    With the additional 1/2 inch and additional 6 grams in shaft weight you are at 3.5+ additional swing points so if you can I would go with the 10g weight to lower the swingweight 2 point. If you absolutely need to go lower you could look at a heavier grip- 5 grams= 1 swing weight point. Hope this helps.
  6. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    In America we are allowed to try any length, lie, weight we please. Plug it in and try it out. I like to monkey around with my clubs now and then so over the years I have swapped several shafts with my woods and hybrids, and tried going 1/2" up or down. The first thing I did was get a few extra weights so I can fine tune for whatever combo works best. You can find aftermarket ones that come in sets. If it doesn't feel right, you can try a lighter weight in the head to adjust the swing weight for the added 1/2". If it still doesn't work for you, choke down 1/2" and try both weights, before deciding to cut the shaft. Also, keep the original shaft as a reference and as a back-up if the new one just doesn't work out.

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