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By Tim S

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  1. Tim S

    Tim S
    Bloomington, IN

    I’m interested in the new T150’s however I don’t care for their stronger lofts. My preference is for the more traditional lofts such as are on the T100’s. I’m curious as to other’s thoughts on weakening the T150’s 2* to meet my loft preference. I realize that adds 2* of bounce, but that does not feel significant in terms of changing playability. Thanks!

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    The launch (Low) and performance (workable) are exactly the same. Titleist provides the ability to do a comparison of two clubs when there is doubt under the description of the clubs and the specs. All the T series are forged clubs.

    * The T100 is best for the better player who is looking for precision control and unrivaled feel.

    * The T150 works best for the player who wants the exact precision and feel of T100 with "increased speed, distance, and forgiveness".

    I might recommend going to a fitting and hitting both clubs. The T100 might be your answer versus changing the loft on the T150s.
  3. Tim S

    Tim S
    Bloomington, IN

    Thanks all!
  4. Tim S

    Tim S
    Bloomington, IN

    Thanks Chuck!
  5. EddietheKarp


    Hi Tim! I’d focus on what you like in terms of offset in your irons. Weakening lofts will take away some offset while strengthening will add. Personally I LOVE the idea of weakening the T150s, because I prefer very little offset and thin top lines. If you need the offset, however, Chuck has a great point that you’d likely be just as happy with T100.
  6. Tim S

    Tim S
    Bloomington, IN

    Thanks Ed!
  7. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Titleist is strongly promoting mixed sets. You might do better with T100 through 4/5 iron and 1 or 2 T150 at the top end. Let the fitter work with you to get your best performance through the hole bag.

    At this time, there won’t be much response to buying a set and adjusting the loft across the whole bag. The fitters are focusing on ball speed, launch height, and descent angle to hold greens. That includes mixing sets once ball speed differences between irons drops to less than 5 mph.

  8. Tim S

    Tim S
    Bloomington, IN

    Thanks Don!
  9. Tim - Like you, I've always preferred traditional lofts. I have not been in search of more distance but more recently found myself in search of more forgiveness in a players iron. I was fitted a couple weeks ago and put the irons into play this past weekend. We went with T150 6-PW bent 1 degree weak, T200 5 iron 1 degree weak, T200 4 iron stock loft. While they might be a touch longer than my 1st generation T100 set, that could just be because they are far more forgiving across the face. I've noticed no ill effects whatsoever by bending weak and suspect most blended sets will have at least some clubs bent one direction or the other.
  10. Tim S

    Tim S
    Bloomington, IN

    Thanks Ed!

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