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  1. Hi Im a 9 handicap but good iron player poor driver.

    I am looking to build a mixed set of the new T150 and T200’s and want to be sure I don’t have big gaps and lofts seem to have gaps

    Thinking 5,6 in T200’s and 7-PW in T150’s

    Would love thoughts and suggestions Thanks

  2. Thomas Y

    Thomas Y
    Wenham, MA

    I have a blended set comprised of T200 5-7 and T150 8-p and 48*. I thought I might have a gap between 7 and 8, and there probably is, but I haven't gotten dialed in enough to determine how much gap there is. I would think adjusting the loft a degree or so will close the 'big' gaps, and I'll have the necessary club(s) bent to new spec. A degree or so is not likely to affect turf interaction that significantly, if even noticeable.
  3. I too have a blended set of T150's & T200's. I wanted to slot the gapping in with my existing SM9's (50/54/58) and my 18 degree TSI hybrid. As such, we went T150 6-PW all 1 degree weak, T200 4&5 with the 4 being stock loft, the 5 being 1 degree weak. So far it has been working out well. The biggest adjustment has been getting used to the added forgiveness compared to the 1st gen T100 set I used to play.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Not a bad guess. But why not work with a fitter to get the best set, maybe, maybe not a combo. The fitter is focused on maintaining a peak height and a ball sped increase of 5mph between clubs. Most of us get a drop off at some point and at that point make the switch. So maybe for you it is between the 7&6 iron, or maybe 6&5.
    In my case, I don’t have a gap between my T200 7 iron and T350 6 iron. Previously in T300, I didn’t have the 5 mph speed between the 7&6 iron. Took the advise of my fitter.
  5. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Mixed sets are becoming popular, but like Don says, a fitter is highly recommended. Without the ability to hit every option several times and recording all the stats, you're just guessing.
  6. Military
    I have blended sets for over a decade now. I've found the best way to do it is to get the clubs with their standard lofts; play with them, hit them, and see what your gaps might be, and then bend anything if needed. Even with iron sets having different lofts I have sometimes found no gap issue, and other times big gap issues...I just ordered the T200/T150 blended set, cut at the 6 iron. I'll leave the 6 iron from the T200 as is and leave the 150s as is for now and see how they perform. It's always best if you don't have to bend anything as it changes the bounce of the club and can be more harmful then helpful...
  7. GMcClanahan

    Pinehurst, NC

    Can you get an iron fitting where you hit every iron in the set? I have not heard of any fitter doing that.
  8. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Apparently the Titleist sponsored fitters can have that as an option. Not so much pro shops or box stores. You show Pinehurst as your location? Have you checked online for Titleist fitters or at the school at the Pinehurst resort? You can ask the question before signing on for a $100 fitting (refundable with purchase).

    To note, I’m LH and the LH sets had metal shafts. Because we went through my T300’s and the next 2 hybrids, a 5 iron would likely not have maintained the 5mph ball speed and height that they look for. Since getting T200 7-P and T350 6 I’m getting the 5 mph, launch, and height through the set. The 818 hybrid 5 iron replacement is a little off so if a spare higher launching shaft doesn’t work, I may have to look at a TSR-1 replacement.

    I didn’t see that the iron sets were shaft adjustable. Only the 7 iron. But with the history Joey extrapolated well for me with graphite shafts in the T200’s. Far better than just dialing in a 7 iron and ordering all the same in a set.
  9. Jim C

    Jim C
    Duxbury, MA

    I just had a fitting yesterday and the result for me was a blended set.

    T200 5&6 iron, 1 degree weak
    T150, 7-GW

    I currently have T100's in the bag and really expected to go with a full set of T200's. But after a lengthy session, the #'s for the mixed set were optimal.

    The real key for me was the shaft selection. Going from DG S300 stiff to AMT Black regular made a tremendous difference.

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