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By Chris R

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  1. Chris R

    Chris R
    Spokane, WA


    I've been playing for the last 30 years, know my equipment pretty well, know what weights and flies work best for my game, aren't always able to get to a fitting. Recently, I have been exploring upgrades to the TSR2 and TSR3 Hybrid. All I can say is "Cody" from Georgia was very patient and made some great recommendations for shaft combos based on tempo, weight and playability. It was like I was sitting in a Pro Shop, exploring and strategizing on which combo would create similar reliable feel and playability. With his help I was able to lock in on new build and pull the trigger. May not work for all, but I appreciate the time Titleist reps take to help sort out the best combo. Minus swings on the range, it really does feel like a Pro level fitting, and I appreciate the technical aspects...performance is all in the shaft! Thanks again Titleist!!

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