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By Jim C

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  1. Jim C

    Jim C
    Duxbury, MA

    I had the pleasure of being fitted by Dave Bingham at my club last week.

    I have been playing the 2019 T100's, but age and a recent 30 pound weight loss have conspired to rob me of distance and consistent ball striking. Going into the fitting, I was quite certain that the new T200's would be the club for me.

    Dave was patient and thorough and began the fitting asking about my game and why I was considering making a change. After an hour of various clubs and more importantly shafts, I was bit surprised to learn that the T200's were the perfect fit for the higher (5&6, 1* weak) irons, but the T150's were the best fit for 7-GW. Due to the difference in lofts of the old versus the new, we also added SM9 54* S Grind and SM9 58* D Grind wedges to complete the set.

    Again, for me, the shaft selection made all the difference. I went from DGS 300 stiff to AMT Black R300.

    Thanks again to Dave and thanks to Titleist for having such skilled professionals fitting the "common" golfer.

  2. Did you get to hit irons 5-wedge to determine the different series of irons i.e. T150 verse T200 5 iron and each 7 iron, 9 iron etc. ?
  3. Ben B

    Ben B
    Boston, MA

    I have a fitting with Dave on Monday! So curious what I'll be fit into. I haven't hit a titleist since my swing has an improved so there's the curiosity of how the irons will feel as well as being super curious about which setup will suit me. I feel like my ability leans towards the T200 but currently I'm gaming a set of Apex Pro 19 and love them, and those are more comparable to the T100, so who knows.
    Glad to hear the good review of David, reassuring for sure!

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