Fitting events, are they as advertzed?

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By MClark

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  1. MClark

    Southern Maryland

    I am considering signing up for a fitting event in AA County MD. Are they as described and shown in the demo videos? I hope to eventually replace my whole bag and with quality equipment and hoped to have expert advice to do so. Have others had good experiences with these events?

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    To answer you question, "Fitting events, are they as advertzed?"

    I have had very good results with my fittings. I use two in my area. One is a Titleist Fitting Specialist that does Titlest demo days at clubs in the area and the other is a Titleist certified top 100 fitter as well as other top brands, and has his own fitting center close to my residence. Both I trust, respect and have many years of experience.

    Go to the above prompts and click on FITTINGS. When you get to type in address or zip code, you can actually type in AA County, MD as I did. You will find a listing of fittings in your area.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    If this an event with an outside fitter for an hour time with a $100 deposit, then, yes it is. The important part for you is bring your clubs and let the fitter find the best (mix of) clubs for you. While GM made billions upgrading car owners from Chevy to Cadillac, the point is not to aspire to T100. If the best results come from a T100, that’s what will be recommended. If you get better results changing to T150 after a 5 or 6 iron, it’s based on results. Go for it. Not to say your best results might start with T200 or T350.
    It will take an hour just to sort out clubs above wedges and below fairways/driver. A whole bag will need more than a one hour session. Negotiate that before your arrival.
  4. Bradley C

    Bradley C
    Hendersonville, TN

    Quick question. I have a fitting at a local course coming up on Oct 10th. I have seen the $100 fee referred to as a "Deposit" on multiple threads. If I make a purchase as a result of the fitting does the $100 apply to the price of the purchase? This will be my first time being fitted by Titleist rep, but I know in the past I have had fitters waive the fitting fee with purchase and some (mainly CC) that did not apply fitting fee to purchases.
  5. Absolutely,Just had my first fitting ever,best $100 and 1 hour spent.I’ve been playing for over 30 years and never thought it would make a difference ,very informative,would highly recommend.
  6. Outside ,on grass is the way to go!!!
  7. Tom


    We had a Titleist fitting event at our club this spring. I ended up purchasing a set of irons. It was nothing like the videos I am watching online at all. I told the Titleist rep what I was interested in and hit 7 iron heads only in that head. I said I didn’t think I should get the 4 iron and he said you’re definitely good enough to play it. My 4 and 5 iron now go the same distance, basically the same club. They also didn’t have the Aerotech Steelfiber shafts to try, only some weak very light graphite shafts. I would love to do a real fitting like on all the videos. I’m now in the market for another set. Make sure you know what you’re getting as far as a fitting, they definitely aren’t all the same!

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