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By Lespaulist

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  1. Hi Everyone, I wanted to get the community's thoughts on this topic. I signed up for a Titleist fitting on the website and went through the process yesterday. I went in for an hour fitting for driver and fairway woods. The whole process took about 30 minutes. The fitter was a nice guy and very knowledgeable.

    The fitter used range balls for the trackman numbers and was trying different shafts and head lofts to get the spin numbers down. Because we were using range balls, I am a little concerned about the results. I am wrong not to have confidence in the results because the driver and fairway wood I was fitted for did not use a lower spinning ball? I am worried if I ordered the combos, then the spin would be too low with a ProV1 or another premium ball, and I would not get the same real-world results.

    Thanks for your thoughts and for sharing your experiences.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Fitters tell me the tracking devices can adjust for a range ball to give an approximation of what a Tour ball would provide. I guess that is close enough for most players. At least the ones that their next ball is the last one they found.

    That seems a little suspect to me. Range balls definitely vary in quality and variety and the V and X perform differently. I’ve had the good fortune for my last fittings where they used my preferred ball.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Don. My location used the traditional yellow range balls and the balls had certainly seen better days. I had to knock a few away because they were cut by a lawn mower.

    The whole fitting also felt very quick. I had an hour booking but we were done in 30 minutes. I only hit one club head, TSR3, and the fitter was adamant that this was the right driver for me. I didn't buy the setup on the spot because I was unsure of the results.

    It sounds like the experiences vary by fitter and that is a lesson learned for me. I am disappointed that I spent $100 and have no data to work with or am closer to being fit for my ideal setup.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Being saying goodbye to the Benjamin, try to get back and have him explain what the launch, spin, ball speed, smash factor, carry and total distance to you as to why that was the best option. As well, did you feel the combination felt good and looked good in flight?
    I got refitted with a different fitter for my TSR-2 moving from a Kuro-Kage to a HZDOUS Red. Similar profiles and not one that would have been my first choice. But it definitely works better in my case. Since you only got 30 minutes and didn’t try other options or apparently didn’t get a full explanation, …someone should owe you $50. Maybe the local Titleist rep can meditate for you to retry the fitting at n/c.
  5. Dave


    I was fit by Titleist rep for a TSR 2 driver on a cool April morning this year with range balls using the Trackman. The results I see this summer with my new driver are amazing. I see no problem as Trackman can normalize data based on altitude, weather and ball used for the fitting.
  6. Tom


    Trackman can adjust for range balls yes….BUT it can not replicate it exactly. I would personally never trust a fitting with range balls. We had an outdoor fitting at my club, with Titleist, and I took my own Prov 1s and used them. They were balls used by me.

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