Ever revert back to an older shaft?

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By Andrew B

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  1. Andrew B

    Andrew B
    Morristown NJ

    TSR2 fit into Tensei Blue 55 at 45 inch length. Have a Diamana Blue at 44 inches that I love and hit very well. Fitter put me into the Tensei and said I would (obviously) get more distance with the longer shaft but I just kill this Diamana - right out of the middle every time. Anyone ever ignore a fitted shaft and go with an old favorite?

  2. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Yes. Reality is when getting fit for a new driver you're going to get a new shaft, and I don't know any fitter who will tell you to stick with your old shaft. I will say that last year I went to a TM Stealth fitting out of curiosity, and at the end the guy gave me his recommendations but told me "honestly I can't get better numbers than what you're playing" (TS2 with Graphite Design AD XC). Appreciate his honesty, but promised I wouldn't give out his name . Sometimes an old shaft just feels better, and I'll gladly give up a few yards if I can stay in the fairway all day.
  3. Andrew B

    Andrew B
    Morristown NJ

    Yep. That’s what I’m thinking as well - I understand that all of the numbers and brief observation add up to what I was fitted into but what the fitter cannot gauge is how it feels to me . I think the fitting was accurate but I will just need to get used to the new shaft - but use the old one when I want to score . Giving it a chance
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Did the fitter try you at under 45 inches? It is pretty common that not all golfers will do better with the stock 45.5/45.75 shafts out there now. If 45 was a choice (1/2 inch shorter than standard), I’d give the 45 a full trial before moving back. Tight dispersion like with your former gamer is preferable. You should expect that with your new setup.
  5. Andrew B

    Andrew B
    Morristown NJ

    Just tried the 45 nothing shorter. I will give it time and work with that and compare to the Diamana . I’m really looking for improvement with the TSR head and will experiment with shaft/length/weight
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Yes, am addicted to the Fujikura Speeder Motore shafts. Am playing the older shafts in most of my clubs. Accuracy for distance.
  7. Andrew B

    Andrew B
    Morristown NJ

    So that kind of leads me to a conclusion that maybe fittings , in some respects and for certain profiles of players are OVERRATED- I think some players wind up in a category where they can self diagnose . It would be interesting maybe if Titleist can rollout a fitting/ demo day where they bring all head and shaft combinations to locations with a Track Man for a “You Decide “ session . That could be at a reduced rate of say 49$/hr where all they are doing is making sure the clubs are returned . Of course with fitting or advisory services available (at the 100$ rate) . The problem is access - many people know their game/swing but don’t have access to try the head/shaft/ setting combinations - that would work for them
  8. Bax


    Yes…was fitted into a Kurokage 50s shaft at 45.5” for my Tsr3. Never got along with it because it was to light. I was using Nippon 105r these last two years until I got fitted by my Titleist rep for the new t150 in the Nippon 105 stiff. The heavier shaft and swingweight was a game changer.

    So, two years ago my wife gave me the $100 full bag fitting for Christmas at Club Champion, not a huge fan, but I love to look at numbers and really liked the SAM putter fitting. Anyway, the fitter fit me into the fujikura speeder evolution VI stiff at 45”, results were great, so I bought it with the $100 fitting fee towards my purchase. It felt to heavy at the time at 64.5 grams, so I put it in the closet, now it’s back out, since I went heavier in my irons and have seriously picked up 15 yards on average from 250 to 265 and much tighter dispersion. It’s a beast!!

    I even put my Speeder evolution tour spec back into my 3 wood from when I got fit into it back in the TS series and playing some of my best golf now at 54 years old to a ghin 3. I miss the Motore 8.8hb ts hybrid shafts, sold them and really miss them, but put a Atmos red in my 21* and love it.

    I will never play anything else, but Fujikura!!
  9. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Just took a lighter shaft out of my 917D2 (Fujikura Tour Motore Speeder 64) driver that I was fitted for and put it in my TSI3 driver (Fujikura Speeder 661 TR) to see if I could get a little be better accuracy. First day out, did feel lighter, but when I hit it in the middle of the club, it was strong in in the middle of the fairway and longer. Like the feel and the sound. The 917 shaft was a bit shorter, also. Gonna give it a few more tries. It was a very windy day.

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