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By Clayton J

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  1. Clayton J

    Clayton J
    Keller, Tx

    I’m currently playing a oban kiyoshi black in 6x and not in love with it. I’ve historically been a big fan of Fujikura stuff and I’m interested in feed back or comparisons of the oban black 6x and the ventus tr blue in 6x

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Since you are in the exotic/premium shaft arena, you can find a fitter that can work with the local rep to loan some of these shafts from Oceanside headquarters to find the best fit for you. And definitely not the floor person assigned to the fitting bay that day at a box store with limited options on hand. No 2 swings are alike so other opinions may or may not be relevant to you. In any event, you need confidence in the one you brong, so a fitter can see where you are at with the Oban and what the issue is and find an alternative,

    At those prices, I wouldn't buy any of those w/o hitting them first.
  3. Clayton J

    Clayton J
    Keller, Tx

    Good idea
  4. EddietheKarp


    All I can really say is that the Ventus is absolutely spectacular from a stability standpoint. Once you find the right profile, I don’t think very many people wouldn’t have success with one, but it comes at a price.
    +1 on Don’s suggestion. Don’t go throwing $350 at a shaft until you’ve hit it a few times.

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