Flatter lie on woods

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  1. Can you obtain flatter lie on woods with adapters in any way? I know some competitors have flat settings, or special order tour flat adapters. I wish I could get my 4 wood flatter than the C1 setting I currently play. Any thoughts??

    TSi3 4 wood, right hand, set at C1. Would like to go flatter.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I’ve not heard of an option like that for Titleist.
    Wouldn’t a longer shaft decrease (flatten) the lie? Not a clue of how much that changes the geometry
  3. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    Increasing the length makes the lie more upright so in order to flatten the lie you could go shorter- 1/2" shorter flattens the lie 1 degree, 1" shorter flattens the lie 2 degrees etc

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